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Maintaining contact with friends is a challenge for ADHD adults which is why is a fabulous website for you. It makes keeping in touch with the people you care about easy and fun.
However, as with all good things, there is a down side too. The big danger of Facebook is that you get a glimpse into other people’s lives and then feel bad about your own.  When you have adult ADHD there is a tendency to feel you aren’t where you  ‘should be’ in life, and when you compare yourself to people in your social circle or friends you went to school with, you feel even worse. Sites like Facebook, give us the ability to peep into people’s lives. You see your friends looking happy and cute with their friends, partners and children.
Then you compare that to your life and you don’t feel like you are having as much fun as them, or do exciting things.
I don’t believe saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ applies to Facebook. The ‘smoke and mirrors’ metaphor is probably more applicable. After all, a photo is taken in one second. In that one second even the most miserable person can pop a smile on their face, and flash it to look like they are have the best evening ever. Also, people usually only have their photo taken when they are feeling good about themselves. If they are having a bad hair day, or are in sloppy clothes they will run in the opposite direction of a camera.
Remember people only share the stuff about themselves that they want to. When you read their status updates, they don’t usually share that they had an argument with their significant other, or that they feel sad today because of… Instead they focus on the positive; there is always one thing to mention that is good-even on your worst day ever.
If you are one of the many ADHD adults who feel ‘less than’ after being on Facebook. Try these tips
1) Use Facebook as a tool to keep in touch with your friends all over the world.
2) Remember when you look a friends’ pictures, all it tells you is that for that second they looked happy. However unless you are close friends with them, you don’t know what is happening behind the scenes.
3) No one’s life is perfect. Even your ‘happy’ friends on Facebook will wish parts of their life were different too.
4) When you get an emotional pang when you look at someone’s picture, pay attention to why that is. Is it because they are on a trip and you would like to travel more? Is it because they are looking fit and healthy and you would like to pay more attention to your health too? Or perhaps they are in a romantic relationship and you would like to meet someone. You can then use that pang as a guide to know what to take action on in your life whether it’s to plan a trip, join a gym or go on a date.

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