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Why Going Paperless Helps ADHDers and How To Do It (It is much easier than you think)

Why Going Paperless Helps ADHDers and How To Do It (It is much easier than you think)

Does having a paperless home sound futuristic to you? Or something only technically advanced people do? Me too! Although that all changed when I was talking to Clare Hunt. Clare is a normal lovely person like you. However, like every ADDer I have ever meet, she was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of paper in her life and searched Google for a solution. The answer: go paperless!

Paper is a constant battle for ADHDers because detailed-orientated work, organizing, making decisions and low-tolerance for boring tasks are all difficult for you. Piles of paper begin to grow on your desk, the floor and every other available area. Having a filing system sounds great, but it can be tricky to set up and doesn’t mean it will get used!
Clare offered to tell me how she went paperless, and we recorded the conversation, so you can learn how to go paperless too. It’s not daunting or scary; in fact, it’s incredibly simple.

The benefits include:

  • Less physical clutter
  • More space
  • Mental peace of mind
  • Easier to find things
  • Feeling and being organized
  • Bills being paid on time

and much more!

Take a listen to the recording and I dare you not to get inspired about going paperless too, after listening! Here is the recording


PS: Here are links to a couple of articles that got Clare started:

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This article lists what paper you should keep


ADHD Mindset: Game Changer!

ADHD Mindset: Game Changer!Most people would like to make some improvements to themselves and their lives. If you have ADHD, then probably some of those changes will be related to your ADHD.

For example:

  •  Stop procrastinating
  •  Pay attention in meetings (even if they are really boring)
  •  Exercise every day
  •  De-clutter home and office
  •  Pay bills on time
  •  Eat healthy foods

The trouble is, when you look at a list that highlights all the areas that need improvement, your heart sinks; you feel bad about yourself, and seek comfort in one of your unhealthy habits.

However, there is a very easy way to start making changes in your life, and it seems so easy it might seem almost too good to be true. But it works! Noah St. John created a new type of affirmation, which he called Afformation.

You have probably heard of a traditional affirmation, a statement about things you want in your life. For example: ‘I am happy, wealthy and have the perfect partner.’

The trouble with these statements is your body and mind knows that that isn’t true at the moment. Your inner voice says, ‘No, I’m not’ and then you get on with the rest of your day and your reality doesn’t change.

Noah suggests replacing the traditional statement with a ‘Why’ question. This is effective because when you ask a question, your brain really wants to answer it. This is called, the Embedded Presupposition Factor.

Noah says, “A problem is a question that hasn’t been solved yet,” so as an example, if we take the list at the beginning of the article and then turn them into WHY questions you can see the difference.

  •  Why am I so good at taking action on tasks?
  •  Why am I alert and focused in meetings?
  •  Why do I love exercising every day?
  •  Why is de-cluttering my home so much fun?
  •  Why is paying bills on time so easy for me?
  •  Why is eat healthy foods so effortless?

When you read that list, it feels more empowering doesn’t it?

You don’t need to know the answer straight away. But if you ask the question regularly, small changes begin to happen, and then, bigger changes follow.

You can use this formula for ANY problem you have in your life.

Your action this week is to:

1) Write a list of all the things in your life that are bothering you at the moment.
2) Turn those items into why questions.
3) Write those why questions into index cards.
4) Read the index cards once or twice a day.
5) Observe the magic!

Do You Feel Annoyed You Have ADHD?

reframe how you view ADHDAre you annoyed you have ADHD? Do you wonder, “Why me?” Some people are frustrated that they have to deal with ADHD annoyances. There are plenty of people who are happy to know that they have ADHD because it explains why they are the way they are, but if you are in the frustrated camp, ADHD feels like a lifelong curse.

Something I have found helpful with clients who feel like this is to reframe how you view ADHD. From something that is annoying and spoiling your life, to a challenge that will help you grow and be the catalyst to making changes you wouldn’t have otherwise.

When Michael J. Fox learned that he had Parkinson’s disease, he said it was the best thing that happened to him. Parkinson’s societies and charities were outraged. They felt he was sending the wrong message to the world, and people wouldn’t understand the debilitating effects of the disease. Even though he was experiencing the same physical effects as other sufferers, Michael was speaking about his personal internal experiences. Prior to being diagnosed, he was living a life that wasn’t in line with who he was. He was abusing alcohol and there was distance in his marriage. Parkinson’s gave him the chance to change how he was living his life. He and his wife became close again; he gave up alcohol, he began appreciating his life, his career and the opportunity to spread public awareness and help find a cure.

We hear similar messages from people who experience an array of challenges, from health issues to life changes such as an unexpected divorce. A challenge forces us to grow in ways we never would have otherwise.

You can do this with ADHD too. For example, you could see ADHD as:

1) The vehicle that propelled you to live a life that is healthier. That got you physically active and knowledgeable about nutrition and got you experimenting with alternative practices like meditation and hypnosis.

2) The catalyst that made you get to know yourself really well and learn about what makes you happy, what you love, what irritates you, what makes your ADHD symptoms worse, what makes them better, what motivates and drives you, and what goals you want to achieve in your life.

3) The thing that made you learn about finances and how to de-clutter etc.

In the US, two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, and the average person watches 6 hours of TV a day and is $12000 in debt. If you are treating and managing your ADHD, you are already ahead of the average.

This week, take stock of your life and write down a list of all the things you have done for the better because you have ADHD.

How To Get Great Grades When You Have ADHD

great gradesEven though we have 45 days of summer left, thoughts are returning ‘Back To School’. If you are an ADHD student, then it can leave you with feelings of dread. Graduating from college or university is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do. This is because to succeed at school, you need strengths that are usually in adults with ADHD weaknesses.

 For example:

  •  It’s hard to sit still AND focus on a class that is not particularly interesting
  •  Staying organized with different assignments from different classes
  • Remembering when deadlines are
  •  Feeling motivated to attending class when you don’t feel like it
  •  Being able to wake up for class
  • Controlling worry and anxiety so they don’t get in the way of student success.

These are just a few examples, but the list is much longer and the impact of ADHD on students goes much deeper. The good news is, it’s not all doom and gloom!! There’s a lot you can do to be a successful student and get great grades.

  • I have been working with ADHD students for nearly 10 years and know exactly
  • The best time management strategies, so you can attend all classes and exams on time.
  • How to avoid last minute panics and all-nighters to meet your deadlines
  • How to staying organized and on top of your course load
  • How to manage classic ADHD characteristics like procrastination, worry, stress and anxiety
  • How to keep positive and motivated during even when you feel like quitting

Whether you are:

– going to University for the first time,

– going back for your 2nd, 3rd or 4th year,

– working on your PhD,

– or have barely scraped by last semester,

my new ‘How To Get Great Grades When You Have ADHD’ Coaching Program is for you!

Email me at Jacqueline at Untappedbrilliance dot com, or call 514 482 7555 and we can schedule a complimentary strategy session so we can take the pain out of being a student and you can get great grades!