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The ADHD Traveler’s Checklist

The ADHD Traveler ChecklistI got a great question this week, “Do you have any helpful info to help the ADD person plan and PACK for a trip? It’s hellish for me.”

Actually, I do!!

Typically, ADHD adults love the excitement and adventure of travel. However, traveling requires planning and attention to details, which are challenging for ADDers. Plus, if you are prone to overwhelm, anxiety and worry, then travel  can seem less of dream and more of nightmare.

However, with a little planning and the checklist below you will feel very organized and ahead of the game. You can add things to personalize this list or delete items that don’t apply.

As soon as your trip is booked:

1) Double check your passport is valid. Even if you are sure it’s valid, check anyway. Time plays tricks with you and what seemed like ‘ages’ might have been and gone.

2) Book travel insurance.

3) Book health insurance if you need it.

4) Book pet sitter or kennels if you have pets.

5) Book a house sitter if you use one

1 month before you leave:

6) Cancel anything you have delivered to your home such as milk, newspaper

7) Cancel services that you don’t need while you are away, such as a cleaning service, mail, etc.

8) Phone your cell phone company to find out their charges in the place you are going. This avoids nasty surprises when you get back.

9) Create a ‘Master Holiday List’ of all the items you need to take. These 2 websites will help.

This great website tells you what to wear in every country in the world!

This website gives you detailed reports of weather anywhere in the world. –>

10) Using your master list create a shopping list, new clothing, items toiletries, etc

11) Go shopping for these items. If you don’t like shopping, plan a few small trips.

12) Create a holiday area.

On a shelf or in a drawer to put all your new things. They will be easy to find when it’s time to pack.

7 days before you go:

13) Go the pharmacy and refill your prescriptions. Including ADHD meds.

14) Print out your travel information. Flight details, hotel reservations, train tickets, car hire details, etc. include your reservations and confirmations numbers and contact telephone numbers.

15) Put the printouts into a plastic sleeve. This keeps them safe and makes finding them easy. Keep this in your carry on luggage

16) Telephone your bank and credit card company telling them where and when you are going. If unusual spending occurs on your card, bank and credit card companies will lock your account. They want to protect you against card theft. However, it is a pain to resolve while you are away.

On the subject of money…if you need to get local currency get it when you arrive at the airport cash machine. This is usually the most economy way and it is one less thing to organize before you go

17) Stock up on pet food, cat litter etc, or anything else your pet sitter will need.

18) Wash the clothes you are taking with you.

2 days before you go

19) Start to pack.

This will avoid last minute all night packing. As you pop things into your suitcase cross them off your master list so you don’t forget what is in your suitcase.
Night before:

20) Empty your refrigerator. Throw out anything with a short shelve life…milk, leftovers, vegetables etc.

21) Empty all your garbage cans.

22) Put clean sheets on your bed. (not an essential, but I always do it because it’s such nice welcome home)

Before you leave:

23) Hand wash anything in the sink. Breakfast dishes, etc.

24) Turn off computers, TV, radios and other electrical gadgets

When you arrive at your destination:

25) Put your house keys in a safe place. When you are away they lose their significance, but when you get back you will want to get into your house easily.

When you get back home:

26) Put your passport into its safe place so you know where it is for your next trip.

27) Unpack your suitcase. Here is a super painless way to do it! Unpack your suitcase.

28) Jot down anything you would like to remember for the next time you go away. This will make planning and organizing your next trip even easier.

Bon voyage!!


What do you do to prepare for a trip? Leave a note in the comments below!