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ADHD Tendencies

Do you have Adult ADHD? or do you feel as though you do? then there is a good chance you also have your own buisness. Did you know that adults with ADHD tendencies are 300 % more likely to start their own business than someone that doesn’t have the condition? (Garret Loporto). Plus as AD(H)D is under diagnosed in the adult population there are properly many more entrepreneurs that have the condition who aren’t included in that percentage.

Many successful entrepreneurs with ADHD are household names such as:

  • Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Airlines.
  • Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish Founder and Chairman of IKEA stores.
  • David Neeleman, Founder and CEO of Jet Blue Airways.
  • Paul Orfalea, the Founder and Chairperson of Kinkos

What these successful people have realized is that there are many wonderful gifts to having ADHD symptoms such as:

  • Creativity
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Wonderful sense of humor
  • Fearlessness
  • Passion
  • Energy for life
  • And when you work with those strengths you can be hugely successful in whatever your business is.

Tendencies of ADHD: Free Tele-Class!

A few months ago my friend, colleague and expert business woman, Marcia Hoeck were chatting and we realized that many entrepreneurs (Marcia’s clientele) have ADHD tendencies. This group of people might not have ADHD but they DO have some of the same characteristics (both the gifts and the negative aspects) as adults with ADHD. This conversation resulted in us doing a teleclass together and the feedback we got was enormous.

This is clearly a hot topic!

I am excited to announce that we joined forces again and held a phenomenal free class on May 27th, 2010. Marcia‘s business expertise combined with my ADHD coaching was the the perfect combination for a content rich call with strategies that you can implement straight away.

If you want more information pop over to my site at ADHD Coach and enter your name and email into the box and I will be happy to send you a copy of the free previously recorded tele-class.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing Marcia Hoeck (she has run successful business for 25+ years) head over to her website at

You might also enjoy my virtual workshop “Untapped Brilliance, How to Reach your Full Potential as an Entrepreneur with ADHD” or ADHD tendencies designed specially for people like you. You love working for yourself and being your own boss. You know you are highly creative and talented and smarter than most people you know..YET you just aren’t seeing the success you know you are capable of.

Take Your Own 30 Day Challenge!

This is the last blog post for the 30 day blog challenge! YAY I did it!  The challenge was set by Connie Green, an online business coach.  The rules were that each article or blog post was to have 150 words and you needed to post 30 articles 30 days, however you can post more than one article on a given day. The last rule was good for me as I didn’t hear of the challenge till day 7.

The goal to write 30 articles was definitely achievable, but it was also a stretch since I would usually only write 4 articles that time period. As with all goals or challenges you embrace, when they are completed, not only do you feel great about the set goal, there are also additional benefits that you might not have known about at the onset. During the 30 day blog challenge my additional benefits included connecting with new people who were also doing the challenge, making writing a daily habit which in turn meant that any mental resistance I felt towards writing disappeared and I really began to enjoy writing articles in a way I never had before.

Why not set yourself an ADHD 30 day challenge? Whether it’s exercising, taking Omega 3 or decluttering for 15 minutes every day. Whatever it is I guarantee when you have finished you will feel really awesome.

Your Inner voice, ADHD and you self esteem

Adults with ADHD are highly critical of themselves and their achievements. If your inner voice is constantly telling you negative messages, this results in you feeling bad about yourself and your self-esteem is low. Start to pay attention to what your inner voice is saying. What messages are you telling yourself? Are you positive and encouraging or do your berate yourself and talk meanly? Usually how you talk to yourself is so rude that you would never talk like that to any other human being.

We want your inner voice to be your biggest supporter. Be positive, encouraging, reassuring and congratulatory. It’s impossible to catch everything you say to yourself as some thoughts are so fleeting. However when you are aware you have said something negative or mean to yourself, take a moment to counter it with a positive comment. Gradually, you will find yourself speaking more kindly to yourself and this has a wonderful ripple effect of how you feel about yourself and how you operate in the world on a daily basis.

Create the Right Environment

Adults with ADHD really struggle to create a beautiful living environment for themselves. Your physical environment is a reflection of your self-esteem and like other aspects of self-esteem; it’s a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. Your self-esteem is low so you feel you don’t deserve a beautiful living environment. However when you are living in a cluttered, dirty and possibly smelly environment it reinforces your low self-esteem.  While this is an area that is particularly hard when you have ADHD, it is still possible to keep things clean and ordered. Plus it’s a vital element to your well being

Keep your home clean and tidy as if guests were coming. Because you deserve to be in a nurturing environment just as much (more in my opinion) as any guests that visit. The English Designer William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. Let this be your motto as you begin to create a beautiful physical environment for yourself

A common ADHD symptom

A common ADHD symptom I see amongst adults with ADHD is low self-esteem. Self-esteem is related to how we feel and view ourselves. If we feel good about ourselves then it is higher than if we feel bad about ourselves. This self-awareness is part of being human. One of the ways self-esteem is shaped is from the messages we receive from the outside world, mainly the people we interact with. We then process these messages and in turn they affect our self-esteem.

When you have ADHD you tend to experience more criticism and “unpleasant” situations your life than their non-ADHD peers. These experiences begin as a very young child, through teenage years and into adulthood.

Low self-esteem can result in impaired academic and job performance, problems in relationships with the people in your life, anxiety, stress, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse.

The good news is that whatever your self-esteem level is right now, it can be increased! And with increased levels of esteem you feel more confident, happier, feel proud in your accomplishments and much, much more. Don’t worry, this does not mean you will become ‘big headed’ or arrogant. You will still be you, but an improved version of yourself.

Because self esteem is a common ADHD symptom and because increasing it is such a vital key to reaching your potential as an adult with Adult I have written a few articles to help you raise yours.

Below you will find links to all the articles on this blog relating

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Create the Right Environment

Interestingly when I start working with adults with ADHD their self esteem starts to increase almost straight away. Its a wonderful side effect of knowing you are now taking action on the issues that were bothering you.