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Preparing for the Income Tax Deadline (2009-2010): Personal Taxes

While spring doesn’t officially start in the Northern Hemisphere until the 20th of March, here in Montreal it is feeling decidedly spring like! The sun is out, the snow has gone, daylight saving time starts this weekend and very soon the trees and flowers will explode into life. There is only one hurdle to jump before we effortlessly slip into summer and that is taxes. Taxes are a HUGE problem for people with ADHD and can result in many years of unfiled taxes.
Even if you are up to date with your taxes and only have this year’s to file, it’s still an area of dread, because it involves so many tasks that can be excruciatingly painful, such as sitting down, concentrating, organizing documentation and doing mundane tasks through the year, such as opening the mail and filing paperwork when it arrives.

This weeks article is written by Frugal Trader, from the blog ‘Million Dollar Journey’ It gives lots of practical information for Canadians as you are preparing your taxes. If you live in another country the specifics may be different, but the article will give you ideas and enthusiasm as you are filing your taxes.
Other news, I am launching my first program for Entrepreneurs with ADD. So far the response and enthusiasm as been quite incredible. If you would like to learn more go to

Good luck with those Taxes!

Coping with ADHD at work

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Coping with ADHD at work can be a challenge. However there a 5 simple tools and strategies that when you implement them in your office you will feel you aren’t just coping with ADHD but flourishing, as when you can organize yourself at work you can achieve what you know you are capable of.

Whiteboard -People with ADHD like to be able to see all the projects they are working on at once in case they forget one. Since it’s not usually possible to have all your projects in clear sight and maintain a tidy work environment, a whiteboard is a great office accessory. It will help to stay on track and not forget anything. Use your board to write down all your on going projects and update it regularly.

Timer -Use a simple kitchen timer to help keep you on tasks for work that requires concentration. Concentrating takes lots of effort so it’s natural to want to avoid it. However if you know you only have to concentrate until your timer rings, tasks are no longer overwhelming. Set your timer for 30 minutes at a time. Only work on that task until the timer goes off. If you feel like checking email, picking up the phone or taking a walk… do it after your timer goes off.

An Idea’s Notebook -When you are working on a task, it’s easy to get distracted with lots of thoughts, ideas, and worries about the tasks that you aren’t working on. Have an idea’s book next to you and jot those thoughts down and then go back to the original task. You will be able to focus much better, safe in the knowledge you won’t forget those concerns. Using a notebook not a piece of paper is much preferable since it’s less likely to get lost.

Healthy Snack -No matter how well intentioned you are, you won’t be able to concentrate or focus if you are hungry. Keep a good supply of non perishable healthy snacks close to hand and never let yourself get too hungry, almonds, raisins and V8 are a few examples.

Clutter Free Environment – This can be tricky at first, but once you have experienced how happy you feel when you walk into your office and you see clear surfaces and the floor, there is no going back. Nothing distracts you, or makes you feel overwhelmed and eats into your time like clutter. Take 15 minutes a day to clean your office and then once it’s ship shape spend a few minutes each day doing maintenance.

The results will leave you feeling productive and proud of yourself!

Have ADHD? Focus on What You Are Good At


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People with ADHD are very hard on themselves and spend a lot of time thinking about and doing what they aren’t good at. However, the more time you spend working with your strengths and talents, (rather than battling with the things that are hard for you) you will notice not only will life be easier, your confidence and self esteem will increase, and your life will be much more joyful.

If you have ADHD then it’s highly likely that you undervalue your natural strengths. But remember, just because something comes easily to you doesn’t mean that it’s easy for everyone or it isn’t a valuable strength.

You might spend so much time focusing on your weaknesses that you don’t even know what your strengths are, or worse, still don’t think you have any. I can guarantee you have strengths.

  1. Get a big piece of paper and write down 50 things you know you are good at or that you really enjoy doing. Usually they are the same thing, but not always. For example, you might really enjoy doing math because you are good at it and you get a buzz when you solve a problem. You might also love singing in the shower because it makes you feel happy and energetic, but also know that your dog has its paws over its ears.
  2. Include on your list, tasks at work, at home and hobbies. It’s easy to lump everything together and say well I hate my job but when you break it down you will find that there are elements you are good at, and elements you aren’t. For example you might be really good at impro-presentation, but dislike writing long detailed reports.
  3. If you are struggling to come up with 50, ask your family and friends for there ideas too.
  4. With your completed list think how you can incorporate more of those 50 into your daily life. If you like cooking perhaps you will do more cooking at home and less eating out. If you like cleaning the bathroom but hate doing laundry speak to the people in your household and make arrangements.
  5. While each item might seem small, when they are accumulated they represent a big part of your life and you will notice a significant and positive shift in your life.  Rather like a snowflake which is tiny on its own but when there are many together they can form together to make a fun snowman or create havoc on the roads.

Start to focus on your strengths this very minute!.