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Realize Your Goals

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My all time favourite quote is “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true” Richard Bach.
Every time I remember it I feel incredibly empowered and excited. It  means that anything my imagination conjures up can happen. The other day I rented a DVD called ‘Man on Wire’ and it shows beautifully how true that quote is.
‘Man on Wire’ is a documentary film about an incredible French man called Philippe Petit. In the late 1960’s Philippe decides he will walk on a tight rope from one of the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center to the other.
What makes this really incredible is that when he decided to do this, the World Trade Center hadn’t actually been built NOR could he tightrope walk. He read about the towers being built in a magazine in a dentist waiting room.  As he was reading he got the idea to perform this incredible act.
Over the next 6 years in was consumed with  realizing his dream. He teaches himself to walk on a tightrope, and he gets some of his friends on board as he needs help with the practicalities of getting the wire in place.
His plan to perform this tight rope walk  is actually illegal. However there is something very innocent about this crime after-all he isn’t trying to steal anything or hurt anyone. Besides the possibility of being in serious trouble with the law, the walk was exceptionally dangerous…he could have died.
I won’t tell you all the details because I would like you to watch the film with the same sense of excitement that I felt. However this story is the perfect example of how even ‘crazy’ or ‘far fetched’ goals can be realized.
Adults with ADHD have many brilliant and inspired ideas. Yet very often instead of  following through with them and making them happen, they bring themselves back to ‘real life’. While it won’t be possible realize every idea ( chances are you have many), it is possible to implement the ones you feel extremely passionate or excited about.
Your ideas don’t need to put you in physical danger! Perhaps yours is a business venture,  a travel adventure, or a relationship that you would like to pursue. When you get an idea that excites and inspires you, rather than push the idea away and think ‘well that is so outlandish’ Remember Philippe Petit’s amazing story and follow your dream  knowing with certainty that you have the power to make it come true.

Blitz Those Tolerations !

Last week I was traveling from Europe to Canada and I had the worse flight experience I have ever had. Approximately 15 times a minute my seat would get hit or kicked by the passenger behind me. Causing my seat and body jolt forward and then pulpit backwards. It was a 7 hour flight, so that is A LOT of jolts!

I did all the usually actions, spoke nicely to him, ask the flight assistant if I could move to another seat (there weren’t any), the flight assistants all spoke to the gentleman. All to no avail.  In the end all I could do was tolerate the situation. What was interesting about the situation was I wasn’t able to do the things I usually love to do when flying. I wasn’t able to enjoy my novel,  the work I had taken with me, have a nap or even enjoy a film. The only activity that was possible was to watch mindless TV comedies, which helped to block out reality. This experience got me thinking, if in our daily life we are tolerating annoyances then they are seriously stopping us from achieving our potential. Rather than pursuing activities that engage our brain, and nurture us, having to tolerate annoyances means we do activities that help us tolerate life rather than grow and develop.

In order to untap your brilliance and allow your full potential to shine, it’s important that you first realize what things in your life you are tolerating and then start to get rid of them.

Tolerations range from the mundane for example, a broken light bulb, to a relationship that is no longer working

Adults with ADHD tend to have more tolerations in their lives than others. This could be because they get distracted, and so keep meaning to do a task but then jump to something else, because they never feel they have enough time to address the toleration, or they don’t feel they deserve better…a result of low self esteem. Tolerations are often mundane to fix and a little boring, so it’s more interesting to do other things.

So its time to blitz those tolerations! You will have so much more mental and physical energy when you and you will also feel so much more cheerful, relaxed and healthy too.

1)Walk round your home, your office and car and take an inventory of everything you are tolerating

For example, a broken drawer that is difficult to open and close. All your socks seem to have holes in so you have to sort through numerous ones before you can find a pair to wear. Your guest room is full of clutter and it sucks you energy every time you walk it.

2) Think of all the people in your life, is there anything you are tolerating there? Perhaps someone is also criticizing you, or talks about other people behind their back

3) Are there any personal habits that you have that you are tolerating?  Perhaps smoking even though you don’t want to. Never recycling, even though you would like to.

4) Are there any health issues that you have been meaning to get looked at? Have a mole removed, teeth cleaned, ingrowing toe nail looked at.

When you have your list don’t be daunted by its size. The more the better. Set yourself the challenge of addressing one thing on the list a day. Perhaps a phone call to book an appointment with your dentist one day, a conversation with your friend who is very negative the next.  With each toleration being taken care of you will notice how much your quality of life improves and be in a much better space to achieve what is important to you!