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First Impressions

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fashion-1868131_640It is though that a “first impression” is created in three seconds. That is… one… two… three… impression created! In that tiny amount of time your appearance, body language, mannerisms and how you are dressed are all pieced together to form that impression. After that “first impression,” it can take hundreds of hours for the three second first impression to be changed. With odds like these, it’s important that that first impression is a good one.

Impressions are being created all the time – at work, socially and romantically. They help you get a job and the salary you want. They help you get respected amongst your peers and with strangers. They help you to get a date… and a second one.

Now you could be saying to yourself, “ but that is so shallow.” It might seem that way, but you do it too with the people you meet. It’s one of our survival strategies to function effectively in the world.

Since clothes and personal grooming can be a challenge for people with ADHD, those are going to be the focus of this article.

  1. Clean and Fresh The main thing is to be clean. It doesn’t matter how wonderful you look, if there is a strange odor around you, it’s very off-putting. Be sure your hair is washed and that you are showered and wearing clean clothes every day before you leave the house.
  2. Clothes Make sure your clothes are in good condition – no buttons missing or hems hanging down and wrinkle free. Dress according to the situation or the event, so a dark suit for a funeral and something casual for a family picnic. If in doubt about the dress code of a particular event, don’t be shy to ask. Women are usually better at this than men. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, dress smart. People always are impressed (not offended) by smart clothes and it’s a sign of respect to them when you dress up, not down.
  3. Personal Grooming This is one step above being clean and involves being cleanly shaven, having clean short nails (or not chipped nail varnish) and having had a haircut in the last six weeks.

Not only will you be dressed to impress, if you follow these rules you will feel great on the inside too. You will have an inner self-confidence and feel ready for any situation.